The Inspiration

As an avid product "junkie", Tish faithfully purchased body lotions and creams that professed all day moisture to no avail. In an effort to understand its lack of effectiveness, she began researching the contents of many of the products on the market and found its high chemical content to be damaging to her skin.  Frustrated with the scarcity of high-quality ingredients in skin care products, Tish became committed to incorporating a healthier, natural, hypo-allergenic skin care regimen, that would prove to be beneficial long term. 

In February 2013, Tish embraced her inspiration to alleviate her dry skin once and for all and handcrafted her very first jar of Body Cake, 7,414 miles from home, in Kabul, Afghanistan; a war-stricken, impoverished country plagued with violence and depression. After notable improvements in her own skin and rave reviews from her friends and co-workers, through prayer, patience, and faith, Body Cake LLC was established.

Tish glorifies her Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for her life's journeys and achievements. "I am nothing and can do nothing without Him [Jesus Christ]" -Tish.

In addition to her sincere love for God, people, ministry and charity, her inspiration derives from her daughter, a constant reminder of God's incredible plan and purpose for her life.

Tish is a 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 President's List Honoree for distinctive academic achievement and an Alpha Chi National Honor Society member. Tish graduated summa cum laude from Grand Canyon University in 2016, with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Screenwriting.

The ReMix

In 2013, the Body Cake brand was simply an idea, derived from a sincere desire to concoct a wonderful product that works wonders on even the driest skin. We wanted something natural and sweet smelling. We wanted something others would love and appreciate as much as we did. We got that! We started with skin-softening souffles, organic sugar body scrubs and seasonal candles that we absolutely adored, and so did many others. We ran full throttle ahead with what we had, believing in our formula and the outstanding reviews we received from our clients! We envisioned Body Cake in nail salons, spas, boutiques, you name it! We spent countless hours hand making the product and scents, hand applying individual labels, hand assembling gift boxes, and even taking extra care to ensure that every single shipped and hand delivered order exceeded our clients expectations. We strive for excellence.

Along the way, our client's demands increased beyond what we were logistically prepared for. Though the creativity was still brewing, we needed to pause and focus on what we could do better to meet those demands, while maintaining our principles of integrity and quality (something we are absolutely adamant about). So we did, we took our time. We scrutinized every single aspect of Body Cake, from the logo to the packaging, and every single thing in between. It was a process that equally challenged and inspired us to "be patient to be better". We needed that and we are truly grateful for the learning experiences. 

So here we are! We've transformed our logo to represent a beauty that applies to every single one of us, no matter our ethnic background :) That truly is important to us. We don't believe that "beauty" solely applies to particular skin color, body type or any other physical attributes. We believe that true beauty exudes from the inside. We are especially optimistic and excited about the new additions and even more grateful that you are a part of it!

"God's Grace and our unwavering faith in Him carries and keeps us." - Tish 


Body Cake Beauty

Beauty is often defined as a combination of both simplistic and intricate qualities, such as shape, color, or form that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially the sight. Conversely, beauty is not and can not be limited to merely physically appeasing. But rather, an encompassing equal combination of intellectual and moral qualities.

Resulting solely to a physical depiction of beauty, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually confines one to disregard truth and a more profound examination of individual attributes that cohesively contribute to a significant whole. "So who is she and what does she symbolize?"

She is confident in who she is becoming as a woman, as she views life as a worthwhile journey. She is mature. She is a process, far from an overnight success or stardom.

She embraces her representation of beauty through an active, healthy lifestyle, and appreciates the skin she is graced with. She is focused, ambitious, and driven; the epitome of many women. The woman who aspires to BE, whether she's the single mother working full or part time simultaneously while attending classes to further her education or the wife to a devoted husband and family grateful for her contributions to their home. She is strong in the sense that she defines her role in society and looks to both her setbacks and successes with optimism and humility, equally.


Her Gold silhouette symbolizes triumph, value, elegance, prestige, quality, and sophistication.


She is Body Cake.

Be Bold. Be Beautiful. Be A Blessing.