Protective Style Tips!

It's summer time again and protective styling is the go-to for maintaining your natural tresses! Oh how we love our braids, locs, twists, sew-ins, and wigs! Not only are they convenient, but they offer versatility and the opportunity to be as creative as we want to be with lengths, colors, and styles! I get excited just thinking about what I'm gone do next!

I know how easy it is to forget that my natural hair needs love too.

Check out these helpful tips for protective stying:

DO - Moisturize Your Scalp

Moisturizing your scalp with a natural hair oil or natural hair spray can help combat dryness, itchiness, and keep flakes at bay. For sew-ins and styles that make your scalp hard to reach - using a squeeze bottle with a narrow tip (for liquids) or a dropper top (for oils) helps distribute product throughout your hair and scalp. 

DON'T - Keep Your Style In Too Long

Let's face it, the convenience of a style sometimes tempts us to hold on to a style longer than we should. Especially wigs, sew-ins, and braids. Keeping some styles too long causes our hair to become dry and matte. Both cause breakage. I personally make it a habit to take down braids and sew-ins after 4.5 to 5.5 weeks, no matter how "good" my style still looks. Of course the timing can depend - the most important thing is to keep an eye on your edges and scalp the whole time. If your scalp is itching and flaky, or your edges appear thinner, it's time to let the style go and give your hair a break. 

DO - Wash Your Hair With Sew-Ins

Sew-ins are my favorite protective style because I am able to wash my hair along the way. Washing, conditioning drying your hair while wearing a sew-in can seem like a daunting task but your scalp will appreciate you for making the effort. Just as with our natural hair, washing and conditioning cleanses your scalp of debris and buildup, plus it helps to maintain the quality of the hair you are wearing. 

DON'T - Ignore Dirty Hair & Scalp

While hair and scalp exposure to the elements causes some buildup, using too may products causes major buildup. Especially products with a gel or cream consistency. Too much buildup clogs your pores and weighs your hair follicles down. Rinsing your scalp with a water and acv mixture can help rid your hair of buildup. If buildup is excessive, it's best to take your hair down, wash and deep condition. 

DO - Let Your Hair Down + KNOW That You Are Beautiful!

Rock your protective style with confidence! Whatever style you choose, know that you are BEAUTIFUL :)  


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In the meantime, 

Keep Winning!


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