Where Did My Edges Go!?

Do you remember the old school 90's crochet hairstyles from back in the day? I do and yes I rocked them then too! So when crochet braids came back a couple of years ago as a protective style for naturals, I was excited!  From the traditional method to vixens, I envisioned styles and colors and even began searching for the best quality "big" hair I could buy, on my quest to embrace the "crochet trend". I was excited for real! Not to mention, I was hooked on some of the most beautiful crochet styles on Pinterest and Instagram and knew that crochets would be my new beloved staple hairstyle. Up until this point, I was in love with my sew-ins so I figured crochets would allow me to switch up my hair as often as I'd like, take care of my scalp, and even save me some money along the way. 
So the quest begins. I tried ponytails, Senegalese twists, some I don't quite have a name for, and even purple! I loved the low maintenance and flexibility, so much so that I had gotten comfortable. Crochets didn't require too many hours in the salon or someone's house and were easy for me to take out when I was ready (THE best part). I was seriously on a crochet binge. Don't judge me, lol. 
Fast forward a few months later. From the beginning the "please leave some hair out around my edges" was enough to keep me confident that my protective style was also protecting my edges. I didn't do too much edge slicking or slaying with 'Hicks' because I really did believe that I was caring for my edges by not having them braided up. Girl, was I wrong? I was dead wrong. I wish I could tell you the exact moment I realized my edges were thinning slowly but surely. As someone used to having a full head of hair, I can honestly admit that I took my edges for granted.                                                                                        I low-key neglected them because I thought they would always be there. While I did not lose my edges totally, I lost a significant amount of fullness, which was enough for me to take a step back and work towards nursing my edges and the remainder of my hair back to health. So I did. I tip-toed back and forth a little until I weened myself off of braids, crochets, and anything else that caused too much tension on my hair. I can also admit that doing hair is not my 'forte' I say that to say, doing my own hair for a change was truly a sacrifice for me. It's always been so much easier for me to leave it to the professionals. For about 8 months I attempted wash and "no-gos", twist-outs and oil slick backs (my version of a slicked back pony-puff). 
It took some time, but here I am, I'd say 98% back to where my edges were before they dwindled away. 
I must say that I learned more about my hair - what works and what may not. My hair growth was and still is the inspiration for Be! Natural Hair Oil (which back then was an Untitled concoction of hair oils). 
Anybody that knows me well, knows that I love to research. So I did. While there are lots of different oils on the market, I'd like to think I adopted the best :) 
The oils I chose for Be! Natural Hair Oil are individually and collectively awesome for conditioning dry, itchy scalp, and encouraging healthy hair growth. In addition, EVERY oil used is the best of the best - USDA Certified Organic with lot numbers and expiration dates :)  Quality. Integrity. Authenticity.  I promise :) !
Needless to say, whatever healthy hairstyle you embrace, remember your edges need love too :) Forgive me for adding photos of my edge journey to such an already lengthy post...I wanted to be as detailed and transparent as possible :) 

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